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2017.03.21 | Staff

New research funding database

Researchers at AU can now use the external research funding database Research Professional when searching for funding. Currently, AU has purchased one year of access to the database.

2017.03.16 | Staff

Changes to library services at ST

The number of Science and Technology’s library service locations will be reduced from four to two when the Navitas and Foulum libraries close.

2016.10.31 | Staff

The canteen at Navitas is closed on 2 November

The canteen at Navitas is closed all day on 2 November because of the Jobtræf event.

2016.06.17 | Staff

Beware of phishingmails

New various phishingmails seen on AU.

2015.10.29 | Staff

Celebrating 100 years of engineering in Aarhus

Rolls for AU Engineering staff and students 2 November

2015.08.25 | Staff

Join the 2015 Grundfos Prize ceremony!

Every year, the Grundfos Foundation pays tribute to a reasearcher, who deserves a special credit for his or her contribution within the reseach area. This year, the theme is Production and Process Technologies, including Robotics. It is a theme which is very relevant to the discussion about the future for Danish industry

2014.10.31 | School of Engineering Aarhus University, Staff

Matlab license

You can now renew your Matlab license.

2014.09.16 | School of Engineering Aarhus University, Staff

BIG Data – BIG Impact conference at Aarhus University

On 13 November, Aarhus University is holding the BIG Data – BIG Impact conference, with a focus on big data research and the application of big data technologies in a number of specific contexts. The conference will provide a forum for dialogue between Aarhus University researchers, external business partners and other stakeholders.

2014.06.02 | School of Engineering Aarhus University, Staff

The problem analysis

The internal problem analysis is a part of the university's follow-up on the academic development process. The group's report and sub-reports are now available.

2014.05.07 | Science and Technology, Staff

Invitation to Science and Technology Summer celebration 2014

All employees and PhD students at Science and Technology and the ST Administration Centre as well as colleagues from Back Office units are invited to the summer celebration on Friday 20 June 2014 at 18.30.

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