Building and workshop operation/maintenance

Janitor function

Regarding normal tasks (waste, technical installations, cleaning or similar.) please send a mail to Regarding urgent matters, you may call this number: 8715 0539


As a result of the cut at Aarhus University, we unfortunately have to make reductions on the cleaning in the office area.
All offices will maintain a thorough cleaning once a week. However:

  • Your trashcan will NOT be emptied anymore. Instead in the office there will be placed a box for wasted paper only along with the trashcan for regular waste.

  • It is up to you when you will EMPTY your trashcan or paper box.
    You can do it at the nearest trashcan/paper box station.

This change will be valid by October 1th, 2014.

Lighting of the rooms

Download the manual (Danish) on how to control the lighting in the rooms.

Recyclable paper

Trays with paper for recycling must be emptied by the employee in the copy rooms, room 207E and 307E. Racks have been set up for this purpose.

Sun shields

Instructions on how to control the sun shields can be downloaded here in both a Danish and English version.