CDIO Development Laboratory (CDL)

CDIO Development Laboratory (CDL)

CDIO Development Lab (CDL) purpose is to create better learning for our engineering students so that Aarhus University, School of Engineering can educate more and better engineers. CDL will facilitate, inspire and support teachers, students and management of the ASE's study programmes.

Our basic hypothesis is that you learn something if and only if you are working on the edge of your skills with something that engages you. We therefore support the development, innovation and exploration of training that improves one or more of these factors.

Engineering students are whole people. It is therefore important to support both their professional and personal development.

Our activities are based on CDIO concept and proven knowledge of teaching practice as well as Danish and international research in university teaching.

We have both a push and pull approach. We put things off, which we believe will benefit the quality of learning in ASE programs in cooperation with program directors or development managers. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas, or if you wish sparring in connection with your teaching.