Overview of the Brazilian Aerospace Program.

The lecture presents an overview of the Brazilian Space Program, addressing the main projects and future prospects. The projects are developed by two research centers located in São José dos Campos - Sao Paulo, the National Institute for Space Research, responsible for the development of satellites and The Institute of Aeronautics and Space, responsible for the development of rockets used by satellites and scientific payloads. The lecture will also show the main tests carried out by the space sector and the operational modal analysis applications. Finally the research performed at Aarhus University about Concrete Wind Turbine Towers.

25.03.2015 | Tine Aaboe Malden

Dato tor 26 mar
Tid 14:30 17:00
Sted Navitas, audtorium

The lecture is given by Edilson Carmargo from Institute of Aeronautic and Space at DCTA in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

A light refreshment will be served after the lecture. 

Ingeniørhøjskolen Aarhus Universitet, Medarbejdere
89977 / i31